Leverage the Power of Transaction Data

To Enhance your Research Process

Access to key business performance metrics informed by billions of consumer transactions across more than 730 merchants and 270 public companies.

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We are excited to announce that you can now access transaction data on a state or urban-specific level within Enlightmint. You can now analyze transactions around specific geographic areas or compare regions to one another.

Identify Inflection Points with Daily Consumer Transaction Trends

Analyze daily spending trends at the merchant, industry sector, and aggregate consumer level, providing a valuable tool for any investor interested in the consumer economy.

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Analyze Consumer Trends for Hundreds of Public and Private Companies in Near Real-Time

Enlightmint gives analysts access to trends driven by over 15M active cards, with the broadest demographic and geographic coverage available today. With three years of historical transaction data, Enlightmint provides visibility into groups that are traditionally underrepresented in other transaction data sets, including Millennials, Gen Z, as well as early adopters of innovative financial products and technologies.

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Drill Into Company Revenue Drivers to Deeply Understand Business Performance

Enlightmint’s KPI dashboards provide insights into consumer spending trends, transaction frequency and velocity, purchase price movements, competitive set analysis, and demographic and cohort segmentation. An intuitive user interface enables analysts to structure their analysis to quickly provide empirical data to key business questions.

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Work with Safe, Compliant, Structured Data

Enlightmint provides transaction data sourced directly from financial institutions and payments companies. We synthesize and aggregate the data to remove PII and prevent reverse engineering while maintaining its statistical relevance. Using proprietary tagging methodologies, billions of transactions are attributed to specific companies and stock tickers and additional data elements such as acquisition date cohorts are added for deeper analysis.

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